In addition to providing oversight of cases that are brought within their respective circuits, Supreme Court Justices also have the authority to decide which ones can be brought before the full Supreme Court (where four justices have to agree to hear a case).   Currently, the court’s originalist faction is now overseeing a number of circuits where key battleground states are located, that likely will make it easier for the Trump campaign to get its legal challenges before the high court.   — Justice Samuel Alito will oversee the 3rd Circuit, which includes Pennsylvania — Justice Clarence Thomas will oversee the 11th Circuit, which includes Georgia — Justice Brett Kavanaugh was assigned the Sixth Circuit, which includes Michigan — Justice Amy Coney Barrett is overseeing the Seventh Circuit, which includes Wisconsin   The Trump campaign has launched federal lawsuits or other legal challenges in each of these states, though several cases in lower courts have already be
Our Precious Vote - Americans are bombarded with a daily basis through television and social media about how divided we are in our politics. But it does not have to be like this echo chamber of vehement disagreement and often vile personal accusations. Important values transcend politics and drive to the core of who we are as a country, including the sacred right to vote, the peaceful transition of power, and the integrity of our elections. These are revered traditions and attributes of a proud democracy, ones that all Americans, regardless of party, must consider our bedrock principles. There are several pernicious forces at play that are deliberately trying to sow mistrust and doubt in our elections. So many are stoking fears that this election will be ripe with fraud, and voters on both sides of the aisle are worried that the other party will cheat or that people with the losing side will be prone to violence if their candidate is defeated. We must push back against those who tr
Trust in Media If one advocates more transparency on the part of the press because it makes for more informative and comprehensive journalism, fine—a greater degree of “showing one’s work” could make journalism more instructive. But I don’t think it will bolster trust. More and more, Government is producing neither the inspiration nor the concrete policies to make anyone more trusting. And politics is getting more sharply polarized. Democrats are much more likely to be “consistently liberal” and Republicans “consistently conservative” on matters like taxation, government spending, regulation, and environmental protection than they were 50 years ago, when trust in the media ran higher. Would it help if news organizations were more transparent about how they produce the news? What might help is a reduction, by way of policy, in economic inequality and in inequality of social recognition and dignity. With that, I’d hope, would come a reduction in political polarization, with concomita
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